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At the beginning of the project, we would like to take time to get to know you. We will provide you with a questionnaire that includes detailed questions, and ask you to fill in all the questions with the answer.

With the help of the questionnaire, we identify your needs. According to your brand’s particular needs, we plan our design strategy.

Creative Direction / Development

After all the knowing and planning sessions, the framework, design, and development phase start. Our aim is providing the best suitable design which matches with your likings and the goals of the brand.  

Implementation / Launch

When we are done with the designing/developing phase, we are moving to the test phase. When we are good to go we are launching your brand.


Packaging Design

Same old fonts, and the same old design elements… They do not make your brand look luxurious or get the attention of your customer.  

You need to make sure your packaging is aligned with your brand identity, functionality, and of course, the WOW effect. 

Do not let your customers think that you are outdated and undesirable.


Projects take 2 weeks to 6 weeks depending on the size of the project and your needs.

Grab a cup of tea/coffee or wine to your liking 😉 Say hi via our inquiry form and get together. 

When we have all the data we need for your project. We will send you a related proposal for your project. 

You may find all the details you need in your Welcome Pack. If you have further question, feel free to email We get back to you in 48 hours max 🙂

The number of revisions depends on the project type. It starts from 2 to 4 revisions according to the project size. But for better information about your rights for the correction please check your proposal sheet. 

The project expense is divided into 2 installments. First installment is being used as a non-refundable deposit and due before the project begins. 

Before the launch of project second installment will be invoiced.

Related to the project needs, you may have additional payments like fonts, graphic elements, domain, hosting, theme, plugin, etc. You will be informed before or in the meantime they urged. 

First installment is non-refundable. Based on the amount of work progress you may owe payment or not. 

If we are at the beginning of the project and you made the first installment, you can terminate the project but as we previously mentioned first installment is not refundable. 

If we are in the middle of the project, depend on the reason for termination, you can just quit.

But if we are almost at the end of the project, you need to pay rest of the installment. You can have all the designs, or the documents we have worked on if you would like to. 


Tell us about your project.
Let’s collaborate and make great stuff.

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